The effects of sin…

The Last Supper

 “When Leonardo da Vinci was painting his masterpiece, ‘The Last Supper’, he sought long for a model for his Christ. At last he located a chorister in one of the churches of Rome who was lovely in life and features, a young man named Pietro Bandinelli.

Years passed, and the painting was still unfinished. All the disciples had been portrayed save one – Judas Iscariot. Now he set out to find a man whose face was hardened and distorted by sin – and at last he found a beggar on the streets of Rome with a face so villainous he shuddered when he looked at him. He hired the man to sit for him as he painted the face of Judas on his canvas. When he was about to dismiss the man, he said, ‘I have not yet found out your name.’ ‘I am Pietro Bandinelli,’ he replied, ‘I also sat for you as your model of Christ.’

The sinful life of years so disfigured the once fair face of the young man that it now looked as though it were the most villainous face in all Rome! Sin degrades! Sin debases!

— Indian Christian

(1200 Notes, Quotes and Anacdotes – A. Naismith)