EL OLAM – “The Everlasting God” (Gen 21v33)



Abraham had grown old, he had weathered the storms of life. He had journeyed, pitched his tent, upped camp and journeyed again. He had come from Ur, travelled across the Euphrates flood-plains until he entered the land of Canaan, then he had compassed the land of promise, Canaan from north to south. In times of failure he had dwelt in Egypt and Philistia, but he had returned to tent and altar, to Bethel and Hebron. God had promised Him a son and then given Him his promised son 25 years later. It had been a hard journey, but he had learned so much about his God.

He knew he was a God of Splendour, for “the God of glory” had appeared unto Him right at the beginning of the journey (Acts 7v2). He learned from Melchizedek that he was a God of absolute Supremacy “the Most High God” (EL ELYON)”. He understood no doubt, through Hagar, that he was EL ROI, a God of Seeing, who saw and met the need of the outcast. His God revealed Himself as the God of Sufficiency (EL SHADDAI), able to fulfil his promises completely by himself. Now, as he reflects on life he understands that he has come to know a God of Stability – EL OLAM, the Everlasting God.

Yes, his life had been full of ‘flitting’ here and there, it had been full of trials and tough decisions, it had had its ups and downs, but God had been there through it all! The Everlasting God – nothing could decay His love or dilute His promises, He was the great Rock of Abraham’s life. He had fulfilled His promises to him.

A grasp of this God is what we need in 2012. The new year comes with its unexpected tomorrow: the journey of life for us might hold unexpected twists and turns this year, but one thing is absolutely sure our God, the Everlasting God, is with us in it and is waiting for us at the end of it.

Never fear Christian, the “Everlasting Hills” beckon us, an “Everlasting Kingdom” awaits (Ps 145), His mercy is from everlasting to everlasting (Ps 103), In Him lies “everlasting strength” (Isaiah 26v4) and “underneath are the everlasting arms” (Jer 31v3).

How wonderful it is to know EL OLAM.