Voice of the Voiceless





O Lord, I do not have a voice,
In this sad world,
For, Lord, I did not have a choice
For this sad world


I do not know O Lord above,
In this sad world,
Why mother did not want my love,
In this sad world


She wanted not to see my joys,
To feed me, love me, give me toys,
To watch me grow with girls and boys,
In this sad world


But yet O Lord I’’ve come to You,
To this glad world
You’’ve given Me Your love so true,
In this glad world


I do not know, Father of Light,
In this glad world
But You’’ve made up and wronged the right,
In this glad world


I will not walk or run in Time,
But You have been my Friend sublime,
You gave me all I’ve missed from mine,
In this glad world.


I hope one day, my mum will come
To this glad world,
Will see me in my new bright home,
In this glad world
Will turn from sin to trust God’’s Son,
Will find forgiveness for her wrong,
Then I will say “Mum, welcome Home””
To my glad world

  On behalf of the millions of unborn babies, who found no protection in this life but are now in the arms of the Almighty. 

          A. Williamson  01/06/2012