Adding up of days…

When I was just saved I was introduced to the power of example; a truly wonderful thing.

People like Jim Elliot, martyred missionary to Ecuador. What an example of heroic faith in God, and what an army of missionaries and servants of God have been profoundly influenced by the faith and sacrifice of this one man.

Another book which profoundly moved me was “The Triumph of John and Betty Stam”, the story of a martyred couple who give their all for the Lord in China.

John and Betty Stam photograph

Recommended reading!

I then realized that Lord calls many people to simply live for him consistent, God-honouring lives. I found inscribed in the insert page of my Dad’s old Bible these words:

“If He died for me, the least I can do is live for Him”

How profoundly true.

Let’s live for Him as never before. Let’s obey every truth of His Word!

“A noble life is not a blaze
Of sudden glory won,
But just an adding up of days
In which God’s will is done.”

(Poem quoted from “One day at a Time”: William MacDonald)

The Anointed One (poem)

The Anointed One


Blessed Man of God’s Anointing,
Worthy Sovereign, Jesus, Lord:
He, the One, by Heaven’s appointing,
Is the Saviour of the world.
Glorious King, Eternal Sovereign,
Stoops into Davidic Line,
Shoot from Jesse’s stump has blossomed,
Royal rights in Him combine.
Offspring of the virgin Mary,
Mark the Holy writings true,
God Supreme, now dwells among us,
Seen in softer Human hue.
Prophets bow, for He has spoken,
Greater Prophet than them all,
He, the Word, the Son, the Substance,
He, the “Amen” and the “All”!
Listen, close, to words so tender,
Yes, so perfect and so true,
Friend and foe, alike must render,
Honour, for the honour’s due.
Yet we see this King Rejected,
We behold the rabble’s scorn,
And we gaze in awful wonder
At a twisted crown of thorn!
We behold the Prophet silent,
As they “hang him” on a “tree”
His own words, not nails, they bind Him,
For He said that so “must be”
We now view Him, in the glory,
He is High Priest there for us,
Sprinkled is the blood of Jesus,
Our acceptance is a must!
Righteousness and peace eternal,
Meet in this thrice blessed One,
Heaven, earth and realms infernal,
Will acknowledge God’s own Son.
A Williamson 2011