Celebrate Abortion?

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I’m just an ordinary guy. Well, as ordinary as a Christian is. I don’t make waves every time an issue comes up that is against my beliefs. I usually just let it go and keep myself apart from it. You probably won’t find me with a placard petitioning the government very often. But I do hope you know that my silence is not acquiescence. Which brings me to my point.

I was listening to a mainstream radio station yesterday, when the presenter introduced the story of a young couple who were having a baby. In fact, the girl decided not to “keep the baby” i.e. she was going for an abortion. They then decided that they would have the video cameras in at the abortion and the girl spoke of it as a “birth-like” experience. In fact, the vibes were that having an abortion was positively liberating! Something to be celebrated!

May I point out one radical difference between a birth and an abortion, a difference which is surely blindingly obvious? In the one we kill “the baby” (using the presenter’s terminology) but in the other we give birth to “the baby”.

The stock and trade answer pro-life people get is “You are repressive to women! And how dare you interfere with what a woman does to her body?” And, of course, it is the media’s delight to demonize any who are pro-life as living in the dark ages, and also as ‘cruel and vindictive women-haters’.

So are we ‘cruel and vindictive women haters’? Because we believe in the protection of unborn babies in the womb of their mothers? Because we believe that the safest place in the world should be the womb? Because we believe that life is sacred? Or because we believe that a “trip down the birth canal” doesn’t change moral status?

My response is a flat denial on the first count, I don’t hate women – but I do hate abortion. It was “Christian culture” that liberated women from much of the enslaving that they received in pagan culture. It was “Christian culture” which sowed the seeds for a woman being recognised as equal but different.

The second charge is (usually couched an expression of total outrage) – that to have this belief is “violating a woman’s free choice”.

It is a mother’s choice to have children – granted.  But should we allow mothers to “put their children down” when they don’t want them? Am I “anti-mother” because I don’t think its a mother’s right to take a knife to her two year old toddler? This charge is simply not true.

Oh, and as for the woman having the right to do what she wants with her body, you have a long way to prove that the baby is her body, because DNA proves that it is a separate entity. It is clearly non-self.

There are, no doubt, many other emotive questions that can be raised in this area. We have many questions as a society which we much answer. How far down the road of “relative morality” do we really want to travel? As a Christian, I believe in absolute morality, i.e. I believe that there are things that are just plain wrong (irrespective of culture or time) and that this is one of them.

Today, as I write this in the UK about 500 lives will be lost, because of abortion. In Nazi Germany the Jews were classified as “untermenshen” meaning “sub-human”. Having redesignated them as such they felt that they could kill them at will. In 21st Century western civiliation we are not so far away with the unborn. Call them ’embryoes’ or ‘foetuses’ don’t call them babies or children, and having “de-personalized” them, we feel a bit less bad about getting rid of them. Shame on us.

If as a society we are going to celebrate abortion, count me out…